African American Workers Union

We are continuing to build our union

It was a beautiful sunny day on October 16, 1995. It was a day to remember, a day we honor and respect. A day when one million black men gathered from across the country to proclaim we refuse to be an endangered species in American Society. Our union members were there and stood strong with other strong black men to pledge our support of our families, our communities and ourselves. We came back home reinvigorated and determined to continue making a positive change for African American people who have struggled to overcome the inequality of American society.

In 1995 we attended the Million Man March as a civic organization. After two years of preparation, 1997, founded the second African American union in this nation’s history.

The African American Workers Union.

We established three divisions in the union that we felt would have the greatest impact for people who lacked strong representation, and through unity would offer the most potential for reciprocity to their community.

  • Service , Retail and Manufacturing Division
  • Construction Division (with a fully certified apprenticeship program)
  • Sports and Entertainment Division

Like any relatively new institution, its survival depends on the support of the larger community in general, and in our case, the African American community particularly. We have done all we can as a union to support people and causes that would better both.

We would like to do much more, but we need your financial support. We are not appealing for a large amount, just what you can afford to help this historic union better serve you!

Become a supporter and help make history! IF YOU WON’T, WHO WILL!


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